Sunday, 11 March 2012

The LakeHouse Cameron Highlands

Salam All, Happy weekends.. (^_^)

Last night, we had searched for hotels or guesthouse at Cameron Highlands. We had planned to go to Cameron Highlands this 24th March. InsyaAllah.. Wendy will going with my best girlfriends Pka, Shida, Kd and Puteri. Total 5 Power Puff Girls.

So, Wendy just want to share what Wendy have found last night.. The LakeHouse Cameron Highlands. The place is really beautiful. It is 4 star Lake House Hotel with tudor-style boutique resort. 

The Room


Photo of The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands Resort

The Foods..=.="

Woohhh! make me grroolll... What do you'll think about this hotel? very beautiful and exciting right.. How abaut the price? Hurrrmmm.. for Wendy, I cannot afford to go there.. hahaha... RM1k plus and plus.. Fuuhhh! But, if you want to go for "honeymoon" or vacation with your sweetheart, I think it is really romantic place to go. 

Hehehe..just forget about to sleep there or to have Tea there.. Only in dream I can go there. Okies, back to our planning, we have decide to go to Cameron Highlands on 24th March by a car. Just one day trip...Yeaahhh!! So, wait for the update about us go there okies..

The title will be "Power Puff Girls go to Cameron Highlands" hahaha.. it's sound nice and sweet.. I'm really excited and cannot wait to go there because I never been there...=.=" So, wish our journey wonderful and safe okies... (^_^)

Lastly, make your dreams come true. Have a plan and just do it with passion.. InsyaAllah it will be wonderful..!! Take care all, be nice to your parents, friends and your cat.. Adios~


  1. nak pg lah... nak honeymoon tempat ni. ehh. hahah

  2. wah...baca ur blog je terus rasa nak p Cameron lagy..enjoy ur trip! nanti update okay ! =)

  3. bercuti ke CH, singgah di Galeri BiGDee House of Magic Potions Taman Royal Lily, Tanah Rata. satu-satunya galeri nano microfungus aromaterapi di dunia!


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