Tuesday, 1 November 2011

My Self-Motivation is getting Low..

Elopz you'all.. how ur day? I hope it's a wonderful day.. What i'm thingking right now? Owh, yaa.. My Self-motivation is getting low lately, it's because this Saturday i'm going home! yeaahh! Home sweet home!!

I'm still skipping my class, and my Papa already knew it..=.=' because he received the warning letter from my lecturer.. Grrrrrrrr!! I'm really disappointed wif myself. The laziness wants to be a king!! Oh no! I can't let it happen!!!

I take half and hour to motivated myself.. uhhh!! I need someone to brainwash my mind.. I'm really need that.. Huurrrmmmm..wif clorox or whatever kind of detergent so that the laziness gone away.. It's like a tumor in my  brain.. 

I try to talk to the mirror.."Mirror, mirror on my hand, who the laziest person in this land.." but the mirror show.. Me?!? =.=' I'm the laziest person in the world..??  Then I cry.. Cry and cry.. but then I realize that A tumor, can't be cure.. I cry again and again... Until I talk to myself... Only one drug can cure that.. Yeaaahhh!! Only myself can change everything... 

I take my colorful  papers, then I cut into the pieces.. I search the quotes.. I write all the quotes that can burn my passion..!! That can help me to understand my self.. That can makes me a better person.. Here we go..

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, 

but by the seeds that you plant.."

One of my quotes.. I can't blame my worst results or marks.. But I need to blame myself because I don't study hard to have better marks.. Pity on me.. Pity on You.. Pity on you Yusmanorain!! Shame on yourself.. You can't get what you have dream unless you have the courage to pursue that..!!

Thanks to my lovely Capital A, thanks to my friends, thanks to my Ebu because you believe in me.. Believe me to be a successful person, to be a better person... Who not quickly give up.. I hope my dreams will comes true.. So that, I can share with you'll.. Do your best! Work hard and work smart so that you can share the happiness wif me okies.. Adios~


P/S:gatal tangan nak menaip lam english..hehe


  1. klu sampai bapak dah tau
    kes berat nie huhu go! go! wake up! jgn mls2 :D

  2. omputeh.. perlukan google translte ni. heheh

  3. uih..teruk ni kalau dah sampai surat dari lecturer. kena ubah style tu kang jadi habit dah susah. Trt cari kawan yang rajin p kelas and follow dia. chaiyok2!

  4. hehe,jgn amal selalu..

    p/s: xpernh g entry full english..t nak wat gak la.hehe..

  5. jangan malas2, kejar ilmu dengan niat yang betul insyaAllah Allah permudahkan ;)

  6. all the best Bluewendy!

    Life is not easy. But it is harder when you are the one who make it hard. hihi..

    So have faith in what u do & never stop trying.

  7. meh sini nk basuh dengan daia ;p

  8. translate ke cina lah...xie xie.

  9. salam tuan rumah..
    anda di jemput untuk event anjuran saya! sila klik SINI


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