Thursday, 1 March 2012

Hardworking.. Do you?

Assalamualaikum everyone..

Morning to my handsome and gorgeous friends.. What's you are planning today? Do you have a wonderful day yesterday? I hope what you dream comes true.. Always remember Allah in wherever you go n whatever you do..InsyaAllah, He always be by your side. (^_^)

Hardworking, it's not my best attitude.. You know that I always skipping my class..=.=" I think its already immune in my body. Oh no! I hate that.. It's hard for me to be a hardworking student.. But to be an excellent student, I need to be a hardworking person..

Yeaahh.. it's true.. Something that you want to achieved, you must have the courage to pursue it.. Without hardworking, it's never becomes true. Believe that, because a task you do by last minute it will not give you the best marks. So, "don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.." Done your effort, Doa' to Allah and Tawakal with the result. 

Sorry to all of you if I don't reply your comments, don't visit to your awesome blog and even say "Hi".. I'm pretty busy lately.. I hope this weekend, I have time to do all what I had missing.. I'm really miss you all.. Seriously! tak tipu! hehehe.. ok then.. adios~

Coming Soon...♥


  1. semoga anda berbahagia ye

  2. ehh gmbar tu yus ke?

    awat lainn?

    amboi amboi..

  3. nak jadi rajin tapi virus pemalas tu lagi kuat.hahaha..lawa gambar.

  4. @phat: uik? time kaseh..hehe

    @mohd hazlan dreadlock: tq2..:P

    @cik ungu: akak oi, tuh adik yus lah..yus tak slim cam tuh..haha

    @nelly the strande: tq dear..=)

  5. bila nak ambik pic. Mr.Stef ni..?grrrr:p

  6. @Mr.Stef: bila2 jek bleh..hehe..tunggu mr.stef kawin dulu la..=P

    @caliph shuriken:hihi..leh lah skit2.. masih belajar lagi..=)


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