Friday, 24 February 2012

Just Say it.. "Alhamdulillah"

Assalamualaikum.. w.r.t

Starting from today, my writing will be on English version. I hope you all OK with that.. It is because I need to practice to have a good writing in English for my subject that I have taken, Language for Academic Purpose.. What the Fish of that subject?? I need to do a research about 'career' and done a proposal about that.=.="

Just forget about it for a while.. On Monday until Wednesday, I had a netball tournament.. I represent my Mahallah (Hostel) Hafsah for Universiy Sport Carnival (USC). Alhamdulillah, we enter semi final and got 4th place on that tournament. We all done our best to fight with other Mahallah, we already try and that was it.. 4th place is already enough for us and we be grateful because we improve than last year. (^_^)

I also thanks to Allah because give my family plenty of happiness and fulfill our DOA' . I hope what they had planned and want to achieve will be guide by Allah. I miss them very much, InsyaAllah I will meet them tomorrow at Kuantan, pray for my journey so that we can arrived and come back safely.

Last week, I really trough a tough week, with my toothache, tired day, imbalance emotion and not to forget, broken heart. But, Alhamdulillah, my toothache become better, the tired day have gone with the imbalance emotion and broken heart also already pure recover..=P

Thanks to him because give me second chance, I learn from my mistake and I want to make him happy and fulfill all my promise and want to see him smile again.. I hope our relationship will be given with happiness and joy. InsyaAllah.. 

So, if you have a tough day, a big problem.. just remember that every problem has their own solution. Just complained to Allah and make a DOA' so that you can trough all the problem with a peaceful heart. Remember that only HIM can help us and makes our dreams come true.. 

Just Say it.. "Alhamdulillah" don't forget to be thankful to our Most Gracious and Most Merciful.. He always plan the best for us. Salam Juma'ah. Adios~

P/S: lidah ase berbelit2 speaking English..=.="


  1. alhamdulillah.. Practice make perfect ,right. Goodluck cik BW.:)

  2. weee suka gambar lelaki tu. sweet :)
    hope your relation with him forever lasting. amin :)

  3. syukur alhamdulillah atas sume kurniaan rahmat dan rezeki dari-NYA...

  4. alhamdulillah wendy...a bit positif jelousy la....weee

  5. First of all, good luck for ur tournament..

    its good to have a second chance, praise to, treat him well :)

  6. dear. lagi satu "the tired day have gone with the imbalance emotion and broken heart also already pure"

    cure. bukan pure..:)

    pure is asli.

  7. hey dear, it's ok..i love blog in english :) hihi, keep practising okay all the best ! (n_n)

  8. is he has mata biru jugak?? semoga bahagia jugak.. hehe

  9. hihi..time kaseh korang smua.. ape yg baik kita ambik, ape yg burok kita jadikan tauladan..=)


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