Tuesday, 31 May 2011

HFW : Day 2 (May 31) - Formal Attire

Salam all~
Now day 2 comes, Formal attire!! what should I wear?? Hurmm~
Whether it's traditional/cultural, black tie event, weddings, or anything else, 
I grab my dark blue Abbaya, Satin hijab n my new white Heels!!~

Not to forget diamond belt and bracelet!!
Now, I'm ready to go to the wedding ceremony!! Come n join me okies!!

Love HFW!!


  1. love the scarf and abaya together! very beautiful, love the colors sister!


  2. salam sis
    I love the abaya it's so wink wink link
    love color combo and accessories
    especially the belt
    you are beautiful in them my sister

  3. Salam! I love the hijab and the way you put it! I want to learn to put the hijab that way! :D

    The abaya is so cute! and love the heels!

    Grat look! :D

  4. woww for d dress n shoes..love it gurl ^^ thanks 4 liking mine yarr~

  5. TQ very much girls!! love u alls~ love HFW!! keep it up girls~

  6. Love your abaya~!! :D

  7. cantik cantik cantik <3 <3 :))

  8. Tq amel,shums n cik manis..=) u all pon gorgeous!!=)


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