Monday, 30 May 2011

HFW: Day 1 (May 30) - Work Wear

Elopz everybody, here is my 1st time to join Hijabi Fashion Week 2011,
I juz want to challenge myself to more creative, innovative n passion in fashion and I hope after this event end, I will learn more about muslimah fashion n be more fasionable according to the syariah..InsyaAllah..
To my friends, give me support okies!! Love u all~
Love HFW~

InsyaAllah, I in the future, I want to have my own boutique. Maybe the brand is Bluewendy. Pray for my success okies...!! And now, here the photo of me in work wear..

A black shirt, Batik skirt, Ombak Shawl, Brown shoes and some accessories
Simple and modest..(^_^)

Click the banner..=)


  1. salam sis

    I really love batik skirt
    u made me fall in love with batik!!!!

    and of course you r really beautiful in it;)

  2. wassalam.. TQ hannah!! keep in touch okies!=)

  3. ur welcome sis
    I'll Keep in OK!!^ ^

  4. Loving your belt and skirt.
    The color is gorgeous.

  5. i am very much a fan of batik. but i love your batik most!!

  6. TQ dear najlaa.. batik nih papa beli mase p cuti kat indonesia~chantek kan..=)

  7. chantekny batik your outfit..follow u..;)


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